Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Unsung Supports Fenty for D.C. Mayor!

D.C. Mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty dropped by Unsung on our 1st birthday! Here is Mr. Fenty with Unsung co-owner Alishia Frey.Unsung supports Fenty because of his track record as a D.C. council member and his roots in D.C. His family owns our favorite local store for running and athletic shoes: Fleet Feet. They're one of the dwindling numbers of independent stores still remaining in Adams Morgan (Unsung's neighborhood) and they are THE go-to place for runners. In fact, my friend who lives in NYC still buys her running shoes at Fleet Feet on trips to D.C if that tells you anything. We think Fenty is the best candidate to revitalize downtown neighborhoods by making them small-business friendly.
At right, Fenty talks shop with co-owners Grace Wang and Alishia Frey.

Don't forget to vote on November 7th! Go to http://www.fenty06.com/ to read more about Fenty's vision for D.C. and find your voting place.

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  1. he has a gap too!!! love him already