Friday, May 25, 2007

Unsung Designers Always a Step Ahead of Trends

I love this darling pink Daryl K dress ($440), just out for summer.

Only, I already own this gorgeous semi-sheer dress by Kareen Smith ($325) (THAT I BOUGHT IN MARCH! so I'm getting 2 seasons out of it!) Kareen Smith is still taking orders on this dress, but not for long. Order yours before she moves on. Both dresses are 100% silk.

Shop Kareen Smith's Spring/Summer collection right here.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Grand Dames of Emerging Fashion, May You Rest in Peace

By now you must have heard about the recent closing of independent online boutiques Girlshop and Mighty Flirt. Unsung wishes to commend both for being trailblazers in the industry. For bringing emerging designers to the fashionably wretched and bored. For putting independent designers online long before departments stores jumped on the bandwagon.

Grand dames of emerging fashion, may you rest in peace.

In a creative industry like fashion, however, regeneration is key. Incredible new designers are born every day and this cycle, which has been rapidly expanding for a decade, will continue to flourish. It's like the baby boom of independent fashion.

We love this new era. We love that the young and fresh are able to mix with the classic elite. We love that the little guy/gal's chance at success is on the upswing. We love that fashion has become more attainable: that boutique labels are now in large department stores and the current high-low fad at H&M, Target and Gap.

As much as we love the current climate of fashion, to us, true novelty is still hard to find. We still want access to designers before they get into Barneys or Bloomingdales. We want the newest styles before they become the "it" thing; before corporate suits mark up the pricetags and make them inaccessible to so many of the true style-makers.

Unsung is such a shop. We are relentless in searching for the newest, freshest, most creative, innovative, stylish young designers and getting them to you before they become the next big thing. Shop at Unsung and you won't see yourself coming.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Unsung in Washingtonian

Catherine Andrews of had some kind words for us.

In May's Issue: 40 People Under 40 to Watch

"Two of those we featured in the May issue of The Washingtonian in our feature, 40 People Under 40 to Watch? They happen to be two of my favorite business people in the city: Alishia Frey and Grace Wang, who run the online boutique Unsung Designers." [more]