Monday, October 30, 2006

Accidentally Walked On To a Movie Set

NYC -- Got off the subway and noticed my dry cleaner had "Quarantine: Contagious Disease" signs out front. Note to self: Find new cleaners. On the next block, the little Vietnamese restaurant's windows were all broken. Same with the bakery next door. Someone got rowdy last night. And why are there clumps of grass and dirt all over the street? Something looks staged. Turns out I was walking through the set of I Am Legend, the Will Smith vampire flick set to come out next year. Turned the corner to my block and Will was getting out of his trailer. (Sweet trailer too, about a 100 times nicer than any rock star bus. I only saw the outside, of course.) Gotta go see if I can get a walk on!
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bonnie Heart Clyde in Nylon--GO PORTLAND!

Cool Portland (OR) designer Bonnie Heart Clyde made it into this month's NYLON with a sweet write up about Portland’s burgeoning fashion scene and a mention of the shoes she designed!

Check out Bonnie Heart Clyde's free-hand embroidered apparel at, including soft hoodies and pullovers, shirt dresses and tunics. And check back in November for their incredible men's selection at Unsung.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sick Online Mag: Plaztik Features Our Friend Milda Bublys

Check out this spread. And we knew her when she was just a wee lass. You make us proud, baby girl!

An in-depth look as to how shallow, PLAZTIK, materialistic and completely narcissistic you can be. In this issue of, learn how to “Kiss Ass” like a 9-5 Pro, discover the quirky designs of our featured designer Milda Bublys and the first sneak peak into the Spring '07 Collections from New York Fashionweek, as well as Criminal street art more outrageous then ever. Holla!

Plaztik Mag is an on-line Glossy for Fashion insiders and all you regular people with mad style. You heard!?!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Beth Church Wins FGI Rising Star Award

Our designers keep knocking 'em dead! Congratulations to Beth Church on her Rising Star Award for her beadwork in the accessories category.

Fashion Group International Rising Star Awards
by Joel Lyons

Fashion might be an area that most have never contemplated as being Art, but think about it, what better canvas is there than the human frame?

“I definitely consider what I do as Art,” says Jennyvi Dizon. Dizon recently had her artistic endeavors recognized during the Rising Star Awards. Her bridal gown designs won her the honor of being the winner in the apparel category at the third annual event sponsored by the Arizona chapter of Fashion Group International, Inc.

“I’m still taking it in, I didn’t think I would win,” Dizon says, “I was competing against a lot of good talent.

The FGI Rising Star Awards seek to recognize up-and-coming designers such as Dizon in the areas of apparel, accessories and interior design. Originally started by the FGI’s New York chapter, their event served as the model for the show in Arizona. Contestants go through two rounds of the application process before the winners are announced after at the awards’ fashion show and design showcase display.

“It brings attention to talent that should be recognized,” says Stephanie Edge, an evening gown designer and recipient of a Rising Star Award last year. Edge is adamant about making the fashion scene better in Arizona.

“I love fashion, and anything that helps boost people here’s appreciation, I’m for it,” she says of the awards.

The appreciation continues to build as the artists’ creativity evolves. Beth Church, who won a Rising Star Award this year for her beadwork in the accessories category, is “kind of a romantic” and made jewelry for her dolls when she was a child. Her grandmother was a model, but Church didn’t start design until her children got older.

“I had always collected vintage jewelry,” she says. “I went to Europe and found vintage jewelry. I love unusual trinkets; they’re so much more interesting to me than new stuff.” The History Channel is a source for many of her designs. “I watch it while I’m doing my work,” she says. Church is a fan of different time periods like the Renaissance. She searches the mall and eBay to get a theme going in her mind and holds on to trinkets she finds for future use.

“When I find good pieces, I think ‘how can I make them relevant so someone could use them,’” she says. She may use the unusual pieces that she finds by attaching them to a modern trend such as layered necklaces. Before that, the components may find themselves inspiring her while she sleeps.

“I carry [everything] in a black velvet bag and put it under pillow,” she says. “My designs come to me at night or in the morning, so then I’ll go and put it together. If I think of something at 3 in the morning, I get up, work on it until I get done, because if I put it aside I feel like I might lose some of those little ideas.”

“When I have an idea I like to do it right away, but sometimes it’s hard depending on the orders I have,” says Kate Groves, FGI’s award winner in 2005 in accessories for her handbag designs. Groves was also a judge during this year’s competition.

“Designing new things takes longer than doing what you already know and you have to fit it into process,” she says, but Groves admits that on occasion, her idea for a new handbag might move to the front of the pack.

“A lot of my ideas are inspired by other fashion that’s out there,” she says. Her clientele consists of boutiques shoppers, her online presence, and word-of-mouth from her supportive friends and family.

“Whenever I go to events at [my daughter’s] school or to lunch with friend, I’ll always bring something new and ask their opinion,” she says. “The more opinions you have, the better. I’ll also stick things on my website to gauge approval, too.”

Christopher Natale has a harder time of carrying around his designs. He specializes in the competition’s third category, interior design. As a Rising Star Award winner in 2005, Natale finds sketching his designs by hand helps him flesh out his idea before turning it into a reality.

“I’ll have as many as 100 thumbnail sketches that each take a minute or as little as 30 seconds,” he says. The multiple drawings help him determine the measurements of his custom-built furniture. Natale specializes in taking contrasting exotic woods and blending them into one piece, such as a nightstand or an end table. He also designs lamps. His design inspirations come from a variety of objects such as machinery and sail boats, focusing not just on looks, but also functionality. He, just like every one of the ladies, was quite shocked when they won in their respective categories and years.

“I actually entered the competition last year,” Jennyvi Dizon says, but the disappointment of not winning last year was another push to innovate her style. Since she loves designing wedding gowns, she includes a little splash of color that jazzes up the traditional garments. “I didn’t know how it would go,” says Dizon, who acknowledges that she appreciates the recognition she received from the FGI.

“Does it stop being Art?” The words of Stephanie Edge ponder the question of whether or not she considers designing a form of Art. “When I put in those big hour weeks, my art and business mix. Since I’m a business owner I have to look at with both sets of eyes. I started as artist,” she says, “so the combination is equal. If I had to choose one over the other, I’d say I was an artist first.”

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Astroturf Showing

Artist Adam Griffiths exhibited his artwork in our store on October 5th. He is an artist who is showing with Astroturf, a mobile-roaming art gallery. The company doesn't have a gallery space of its own but displays artwork in various locations such as laundromats, U-Hauls and bars.

The event was a great time! The store was packed full of people. We had an amazing caterer (the artist's mom) and a DJ spinning. All in all, the evening was extremely successful and Adam sold a lot of his work.

We just posted a new slideshow on our myspace website that you can check out!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

VIP Exclusive Fashion Show

On September 27th, Unsung Designers, along with Saeyoung Vu Couture and Kimberly Kouture, showcased their trendiest fashions in a VIP Exclusive fashion show at Paper Moon, an Italian restaurant in Georgetown.

Here is a link to some photos of models showing off clothing from Unsung Designers. Enjoy!