Friday, October 19, 2007

Our Feature in Daily Candy

Lost & Found
October 19, 2007

Glam out in an elaborate cluster of clear crystals suspended from black silk ties. Doll up a suit with the long lariat choker that has crisscrossed Lucite globes. Or dress up a plain old tank with the heavy crystal and feather necklace. [more]

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Amias Project

We've always been big supporters of fair trade (and you should be too). You will never go wrong if you take a step toward living responsibly.

That's why we want you to know about the Amias Project, an organization that works with the nomadic Barabaig tribe of East Africa to help generate significant income and educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities. The project has mobilized over 200 Barabaig men and women in central Tanzania to design and craft jewelry and handbags inspired by traditional fashions. [learn more]

First, we fell in love with the stunningly beautiful photography. Then, the natural form and function of the products. How cool would you look carrying the Cattle Bag (shown above) as a briefcase? And the Vessel Bag (below) rivals any boho-chic bag on the market.

Amias, in the ancient language of the Barabaig, means "beautiful." So when wearing Amias jewelry or handbags, always remember that you are wearing hope, the story of the Barabaig, and something beautiful.

Find out more at Another Land and Amias Project.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Stylish Cycling Jerseys by Spokes Designs

Our friend just completed his first Iron Man Competition and we were proud as mother hens. He not only placed high in his category, but who knew a person could look so stylish in a foil blanket? Now, we all know athletes skew high on the vain-o-meter; if models are the peacocks of the human race, then athletes are racehorses (they do their fair share of strutting and flexing, that is). That's why we got excited when we saw these cycling jerseys by Spokes Designs (our friend is getting one for his next Iron Man). First of all, they're limited edition hand stamped and numbered (we love anything rare). And the current style is argyle (we love anything argyle). Don't come crying to us if you miss out on this batch; we're not selling you ours.

Available in women's (left) or men's (right) styles.