Monday, October 01, 2007

Stylish Cycling Jerseys by Spokes Designs

Our friend just completed his first Iron Man Competition and we were proud as mother hens. He not only placed high in his category, but who knew a person could look so stylish in a foil blanket? Now, we all know athletes skew high on the vain-o-meter; if models are the peacocks of the human race, then athletes are racehorses (they do their fair share of strutting and flexing, that is). That's why we got excited when we saw these cycling jerseys by Spokes Designs (our friend is getting one for his next Iron Man). First of all, they're limited edition hand stamped and numbered (we love anything rare). And the current style is argyle (we love anything argyle). Don't come crying to us if you miss out on this batch; we're not selling you ours.

Available in women's (left) or men's (right) styles.

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