Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Scott Gibson in Daily Candy

Scott Gibson, fellow Buddhist and one of our favorite best-kept secrets in the fickle fashion world, got a very cute feature in Daily Candy today. Enjoy, world! He won't be our secret for long.
Scott Gibson featured in Daily Candy

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You Won't See Yourself Coming...

Our resident MySpace editor had a little to say about the importance of supporting independent businesses. I can’t agree with her more, and I am so guilty! I walk down the street with my venti Americano in hand, then grumble in dismay when I hear a chain store wants to push my favorite mom & pop deli out of the neighborhood. We can all do our part; it’s just being conscious of our daily decisions. We may have to walk a block out of the way, or plan a Saturday shopping excursion downtown, but let’s not wait to lament the extinction of the indie business. Enjoy…

My little diatribe du jour, but I cannot stress enough the purchase of INDIE in everyday life.

Of course, our focus in on indie fashion – so let me be clear as to what this is. Our unsung designers are not affiliated with a major fashion house. They are fashion designers who create their own designs, making most by hand in single or limited quantities, or in small production runs usually in the US.

Buying indie is a choice – it is an act against Generica (generic-America). Walking down the city streets these days I see Banana Republic, Chipotle, GAP, Starbucks….. where are the INDIE choices? They are being slowly eliminated by the increase in property values in the inner city.

At Unsung Designers, we are finding emerging designers and putting them on the web (and in many ways on the map). The web allows us to reach people trying to make that Indie choice.

So if you find a great independent coffee shop, grocer, record store – and of course online boutique such as - Spread the Word. They will only survive if people start caring about America becoming Generica.

Of course, the added benefit is when you walk down the streets in our unsung designers’ clothes… you won’t see yourself coming!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Introducing Unsung's Newest Young Talent: Miyagi

Check it out. Miyagi's first collection in classic black and white is so technically mature we couldn't believe it was his debut line. His philosophy is mixing sophistication (immaculate tailoring and clean lines) with "cuteness" (faux flower petal adornments), which he believes makes his garments more feminine.

We are enamored of the cropped stretch pants which are like fitted capris, modern knickers, sleek clam-diggers... whatever you want to call them, they are unbelievably modern and girly at the same time. They're made out of a polyurethane blend, so they stretch yet hold their shape much better than other stretch fabrics. The denser fabric also holds you in like a charm, and we love the adorable accordion pockets that make your butt look higher. We've worn them with stiletto sandals, ankle kitten boots, platform wedges...

Miyagi also makes gorgeous, body-skimming blouses with amazing detail, and funky pieces adorned in braided ribbon and even a removable flower brooch.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Parson's 2006 Line Debut

Parsons School of Design did an amazing job on its 2006 line debut fashion show. Set in a beautiful old church in the LES, there was an electric charge in the air. The young designers showing their work were surrounded by friends, family, industry reps and press, who crowded the narrow street outside to get a good seat.

Models from Elite and other agencies shared the catwalk with student models. Designers to watch included Rosalina Pong whose black wool crepe mini dress with wide sleeves sent oohs and ahhs through the crowd, and Shilpa Rajpara whose jewel-toned silk top and flowing beige silk pants were stunning.

Several designers created corset tops or used them to layer and cinch. Raw, neutral tones were predominant in the first part of the show, evoking the hue of natural undyed cotton or muslin. Get ready to see some of these young talents at Unsung Designers before they become the next big thing!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Friday, May 05, 2006

Gina Michele Featured in Daily Candy Today

We're happy to see one of our fabulous new designers, Gina Michele, featured in Daily Candy today. Check out the Drawstring Top that Daily Candy loves, or Gina Michele's entire collection of fun dresses, tanks and silkscreen tees.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

unsung/offline: Saturday, May 6

first Saturday of every month... protect your identity... buy unsung.

Get away from the herd. Come check out all the great new merchandise we have in for Spring. This Saturday, May 6, noon to 6pm (same time, same place, as always).

Monday, May 01, 2006

Cool Supermodel

These days there are all kinds of celebrities branching out in new directions: sports stars singing, singers acting and starting clothing lines, actors directing and becoming global ambassadors, models hosting talk shows and designing clothes... but one must wonder: how much are they really invested in their new ventures? In supermodel Alek Wek's case, she is dedicated and passionate. I was surprised and impressed to see her personally showing her handbag line Wek1933 at Designers & Agents today. Alek is not only stunningly gorgeous as we all know, but gracious and down to earth and obviously believes in her work. I mean, how many celebrities do you know who would personally go pitch their work if it wasn't on Oprah or the Tonight Show or some star-studded event? Alek Wek is real and I adore her for doing things the way the rest of us do, rather than using her money and fame to bypass the usual processes. Everyone should check out her handbag line. (I love the Akua Bag shown here.) They're beautiful and functional, and much of what she does goes back to her support of charities and humanitarian causes.