Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You Won't See Yourself Coming...

Our resident MySpace editor had a little to say about the importance of supporting independent businesses. I can’t agree with her more, and I am so guilty! I walk down the street with my venti Americano in hand, then grumble in dismay when I hear a chain store wants to push my favorite mom & pop deli out of the neighborhood. We can all do our part; it’s just being conscious of our daily decisions. We may have to walk a block out of the way, or plan a Saturday shopping excursion downtown, but let’s not wait to lament the extinction of the indie business. Enjoy…

My little diatribe du jour, but I cannot stress enough the purchase of INDIE in everyday life.

Of course, our focus in on indie fashion – so let me be clear as to what this is. Our unsung designers are not affiliated with a major fashion house. They are fashion designers who create their own designs, making most by hand in single or limited quantities, or in small production runs usually in the US.

Buying indie is a choice – it is an act against Generica (generic-America). Walking down the city streets these days I see Banana Republic, Chipotle, GAP, Starbucks….. where are the INDIE choices? They are being slowly eliminated by the increase in property values in the inner city.

At Unsung Designers, we are finding emerging designers and putting them on the web (and in many ways on the map). The web allows us to reach people trying to make that Indie choice.

So if you find a great independent coffee shop, grocer, record store – and of course online boutique such as www.unsungdesigners.com - Spread the Word. They will only survive if people start caring about America becoming Generica.

Of course, the added benefit is when you walk down the streets in our unsung designers’ clothes… you won’t see yourself coming!

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