Monday, May 01, 2006

Cool Supermodel

These days there are all kinds of celebrities branching out in new directions: sports stars singing, singers acting and starting clothing lines, actors directing and becoming global ambassadors, models hosting talk shows and designing clothes... but one must wonder: how much are they really invested in their new ventures? In supermodel Alek Wek's case, she is dedicated and passionate. I was surprised and impressed to see her personally showing her handbag line Wek1933 at Designers & Agents today. Alek is not only stunningly gorgeous as we all know, but gracious and down to earth and obviously believes in her work. I mean, how many celebrities do you know who would personally go pitch their work if it wasn't on Oprah or the Tonight Show or some star-studded event? Alek Wek is real and I adore her for doing things the way the rest of us do, rather than using her money and fame to bypass the usual processes. Everyone should check out her handbag line. (I love the Akua Bag shown here.) They're beautiful and functional, and much of what she does goes back to her support of charities and humanitarian causes.

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