Monday, March 27, 2006

Project Runway Open Casting: Update

Unsung's ultra-talented designer and namesake of the Sirius clothing and accessories line (she had the name way before the satellite radio company) tried out for Project Runway today. I was lucky enough to accompany Siri on this exciting day, but I had to sign a release not to spill any of their inner workings so I'm sorry I can't report more, except to say: the long line was made bearable by all the raw energy (creativity, excitement, nerves) and great people-watching.

I do want to pass on this piece of advice: to all the emerging designers out there, it's worth it to try out next year. Even if you don't get chosen for the show, you get to meet amazing people with similar goals and dreams, get a behind-the-scenes look at one of your favorite shows, practice presenting yourself and your work (artistic philosophy, technique), get feedback from the folks at PR (who, if you think about it, have seen so many designers they can give an honest opinion if you want it), and meet some of the people who make the show happen. That's a pretty decent day's work.

Here's a picture of Siri, with friends Stephen (a fellow designer) and Jane (his model), whom we met in line.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Project Runway Open Casting this Weekend

NYC is the final city for open casting for Project Runway. Several of our designers will be standing in line at Macy's this weekend, auditioning for season 3. We know how talented they are and we'll be there to give moral support. (Check back for pictures.)

Better get your dibs on the merchandise at Unsung before some of these designers become the next big thing!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Belabunda Bikini Featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2006

I keep the SI Swimsuit page bookmarked to give me incentive to eat well, but even if my diet consisted of celery and Metamucil I would never look like these models. However, I can get the same bikini as the one worn here by Bridgett Hall.

The simple suit is Belabunda's most basic bikini style and even normal human beings look good in it. The halter top gives great push-up and you can adjust the bottom to sit lower on your hips or higher on your belly.

The bikinis are Brazilian style, so they are cut small. But they're so much fun and so flattering that once you get used to baring a bit more behind, you'll want to stay near water just to keep one on.

Monday, March 20, 2006

We Love the New Jewelry Designer: Right of Purple

Metal rules! (and so does purple.) Cases in point: Kiss, Prince, Calder, Grimace, jewelry, Right of Purple.

In this case, delicate, hand-crafted metal. Gold, to be precise. We covet every piece by Right of Purple, a new jewelry label out of NYC. Everything is hand-crafted by this talented young designer who apprenticed with Jill Platner. You can tell she really knows and loves her metal: subtle details and graceful curves are worked through every piece. Dangles and charms evoke fragile things fossilized in time: fallen leaves or a brush stroke on rice paper. The necklace clasps are even beautiful enough to wear in front.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Celebration Blew My Mind

I saw the most amazing band at North Six the other night. So much that I keep thinking about them and feel I have to share. Celebration opened for the Rogers Sisters' (another fave I try to see live whenever possible) album release party. Aside: The Rogers Sisters' new album, The Invisible Deck, is excellent and you should all go out and buy it. Back on point: Celebration gave one of the most intense, hypnotic, energetic performances I've seen from anyone anywhere in a long, long time. They seriously rocked my world--in that frenzied, religious cult, state of ecstasy kind of way--and I don't use that term lightly. Go out and buy their album too; I've been listening to it non-stop; I'm listening to it now.

If you love the indie rocker girl style, check out the links to both these bands because these women--Celebration's Katrina Ford and the Rogers Sisters' Jennifer Rogers and Laura Rogers--have it down.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Tim, You're Supposed to Represent, Not Dis, D.C.

I read today that Tim Gunn (of Project Runway fame) was born and raised in D.C. As a cheering squad for all things stylish in D.C., I was disappointed to read in the interview by Express that Tim wonders how he ever lived here, saying "No one understands fashion at all!"

Tim, you and I can agree that D.C. is short on Chanel jacketed, Christian Louboutin heeled women running down the Metro platform, but let's all remember this:

D.C. is home to some serious indie fashion, much of it born from the world-renowned local music scene here. And fact: Since Unsung first opened its doors to the public, the well-heeled and the hip, young and old, male and female, coiffed and dreadlocked have come out of the woodwork to find our little showroom in an alley.

If people in D.C. don't understand fashion, why do they bother?