Monday, March 27, 2006

Project Runway Open Casting: Update

Unsung's ultra-talented designer and namesake of the Sirius clothing and accessories line (she had the name way before the satellite radio company) tried out for Project Runway today. I was lucky enough to accompany Siri on this exciting day, but I had to sign a release not to spill any of their inner workings so I'm sorry I can't report more, except to say: the long line was made bearable by all the raw energy (creativity, excitement, nerves) and great people-watching.

I do want to pass on this piece of advice: to all the emerging designers out there, it's worth it to try out next year. Even if you don't get chosen for the show, you get to meet amazing people with similar goals and dreams, get a behind-the-scenes look at one of your favorite shows, practice presenting yourself and your work (artistic philosophy, technique), get feedback from the folks at PR (who, if you think about it, have seen so many designers they can give an honest opinion if you want it), and meet some of the people who make the show happen. That's a pretty decent day's work.

Here's a picture of Siri, with friends Stephen (a fellow designer) and Jane (his model), whom we met in line.

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