Friday, March 10, 2006

Celebration Blew My Mind

I saw the most amazing band at North Six the other night. So much that I keep thinking about them and feel I have to share. Celebration opened for the Rogers Sisters' (another fave I try to see live whenever possible) album release party. Aside: The Rogers Sisters' new album, The Invisible Deck, is excellent and you should all go out and buy it. Back on point: Celebration gave one of the most intense, hypnotic, energetic performances I've seen from anyone anywhere in a long, long time. They seriously rocked my world--in that frenzied, religious cult, state of ecstasy kind of way--and I don't use that term lightly. Go out and buy their album too; I've been listening to it non-stop; I'm listening to it now.

If you love the indie rocker girl style, check out the links to both these bands because these women--Celebration's Katrina Ford and the Rogers Sisters' Jennifer Rogers and Laura Rogers--have it down.

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