Monday, October 30, 2006

Accidentally Walked On To a Movie Set

NYC -- Got off the subway and noticed my dry cleaner had "Quarantine: Contagious Disease" signs out front. Note to self: Find new cleaners. On the next block, the little Vietnamese restaurant's windows were all broken. Same with the bakery next door. Someone got rowdy last night. And why are there clumps of grass and dirt all over the street? Something looks staged. Turns out I was walking through the set of I Am Legend, the Will Smith vampire flick set to come out next year. Turned the corner to my block and Will was getting out of his trailer. (Sweet trailer too, about a 100 times nicer than any rock star bus. I only saw the outside, of course.) Gotta go see if I can get a walk on!
(Photo by James Devaney - © - Image courtesy via

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