Monday, April 09, 2007

Like, He's so Totally Lavallee

We ran into Adams Morgan(DC) resident and Boston native Matt Lavallee on his way to the Red Sox game on opening day. We were compelled to stop him. You see, style is how you wear it, and Matt is the epitome of rad.

If a man is defined by his wheels, Matt obviously has nothing to compensate for. That doesn't, however, make his curved handlebar, banana-seat bike any less cool.

Compensate, no. But what does Matt contemplate? He shared his musical interests with us, including what is playing on his boombox now (when we stopped him, it was Big Audio Dynamite and Sugarcubes).

For cruising, Matt makes his own mixed tapes. We remember using the same type of stereo to tape pop songs straight from the radio. We almost wept with nostalgia.

Matt had a guy in Mt. Pleasant rig up this holder for his stereo. It consists of some metal pieces and some bungee cords.

Click Here for more of what Matt is listening to.

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  1. The Belmont house misses this guy a lot. Boston is a lucky place.