Monday, June 11, 2007

Thanks for the Shout Out Anchorage!

We always love gettin' some love from unexpected places. Excerpted from Anchorage, Alaska fashion blog, Shop Girl:

Unsung Designers: The best way to describe this online shop stop is that it's independent designer heaven. This Washington, D.C.-based Web site lets you see some of the best untapped fashion talent from all over the world. The prices are on the high end, but the styles are hotter than the latest Paris Hilton-gets-out-of-jail scandal.

The site offers a live chat feature that lets you get hold of an Unsung expert if you have questions on fit and color or if you just want to know if your friends will be jealous. According to fashion blog talk out there, Unsung's designers will even work with you to create custom sizing if what they've got isn't working. And there's a celebrity designer factor: Kara Janx from season two of "Project Runway" got her start by selling her styles on Unsung Designers.

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