Thursday, September 18, 2008


Speaking of Marc Jacobs, he really redeemed himself for Spring 09. The fact that I hated his Fall 08 collection is more of a testament to his creative genius—because he has the ability to design with such range. The reason I love this collection?  It’s got the indie vibe.  This eclectic girl could be from anywhere, and anyone can achieve this look.  It’s about layering short over long, mix-matching prints, and accessorizing like crazy! And it’s about having fun with your closet.  Stop saying you have nothing to wear.  Many of these items are already in your closet (or mom’s or grandma’s). Others can be found in thrift stores.  By the way that skirt Marc’s wearing looks like one indie darling Prizy Sebastian sold at Unsung years ago.  (photos courtesy of



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