Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Style Tips: Contemplating the Cougar

Let's contemplate the cougar. I've given this a lot of thought lately b/c I'm slightly more, ahem, mature now. How old do you have to be to be considered a cougar? What is the age difference between said cougar and her youthful prey? Can you be a cougar without an appetite for adolescent arm candy? Are you a cougar solely based on age, or is there a certain look that characterizes cougardom?

The unfortunate vision which comes to mind is a woman with too much surgery, too little clothing/too much cleavage, and an age-inappropriateness about them--something passed off as confidence but all too often comes off as desperation. It's my own personal stereotype and I want to dislodge the negative image, if only from my own mind. So here's my offering to women who, like me, have spent time contemplating the impending forces of nature and what to do about it.

Exhibit A
(Writer's note: I realize it's not fair to compare the silicone milf to Helena; she is probably a good deal older and not a supermodel. But this piece is not about age, it's about wearing your age gracefully.)

DON'T show too much skin. You can (and do) look sexy and beautiful without letting everything hang out. Instead, DO invest in a well-tailored wardrobe that accentuates your assets.

Exhibit B
DON'T make a scene when you go out. It's only slightly okay when 22-year olds do it, because they're immature and inexperienced. You don't look cute or sexy when you're dancing on the bar and making out with your girlfriend. Instead DO practice the subtle art of seduction.

Feel free to add your own Cougar Dos and Don'ts.

Photos from bravotv.com starring Real Housewives of OC, and the new spread in Harper's Bazaar starring Helena Christiansen and Ed Westwick.

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  1. I'm lovin' the Harper's Bazaar spread! Very classy cougar.