Saturday, January 20, 2007

Love the Look: Onesies

Proenza Schouler (above left), Stella McCartney (above right), Mandate of Heaven (left, one of our favorite indie designers).

My love affair with the onesie, aka the jumper, jumpsuit, overall, coverall, unitard... but I prefer the term 'onesie'. I love them full length, as shorts, bloomers, strapless, halter topped, collared, seersucker, jersey, belted... The best thing about a onesie is it comes in every variation and it's an entire outfit in one. It doesn't matter if you have a breakfast meeting after binge drinking last night or you're in between-season closet limbo, a onesie will save your ass every time. A few caveats: if done incorrectly, one can look like a gas station attendant or other utility worker (try wearing heels or femme accessories). The wrong color or material can make you look like a giant baby (think pin-up glam, not cute and frilly. NOTE: VERY FEW PEOPLE CAN PULL OFF A CUTE FRILLY ONESIE. SEE MANDATE OF HEAVEN FOR THE RIGHT WAY). And by all means, make sure the rise is long enough! No matter how great the onesie, CT is not sexy.

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