Monday, January 22, 2007

We Love: DC Fashion Blog Pandahead

Every time I talk to the media I rave about the stylish DCists, being a DC native and all. You don't see them that often (they are an elusive bunch), but it's not because they're rare, it's because DC is urban sprawl at its worst (ok, not as bad as LA, but), and people usually drive to their destinations. As a visitor you may never experience the real city--the one that spawned early punk bands like Minor Threat, out of whom some became big name musicians like Dave Grohl and even style editors like Adam Rapoport of GQ (I actually don't think Adam was ever in a punk band but his brother Andy was the bassist for Kingface then Adam West? Someone comment if you have the 411.).

That's why we love Pandahead, a DC blog that snapshots those furtive DC hipsters (kind of like the Sartorialist on a smaller scale). Notice how many of the well-dressed are found in Adams Morgan, Unsung's beloved neighborhood. Also check out this interview with local fashion label ugoseven and note her excellent shout-out to Unsung.


  1. awww, just found this. panda head loves unsung designers right back! thanks guys!