Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Refrigerator Bikini Inspiration, In Verse

Every year when spring, the little tart, teases me
with a warm kiss, through the dingy
snow and smog-stained windows offending
my view of the Chrysler Building, spying
the row of muddy boots lining the hallway by my door, into the woolens and greys filling my winter closet,

I subconsciously "find" a photo (subconscious because I am not looking for a refrigerator bikini inspiration but I always find one) to inspire me to get my bod ready, giving me roughly 2 months until Memorial Day, and plans for weekend getaways and afternoons at McCarren Pool inspire me
to store coats and air out silks,
green, yellow and blue,
even though it's 40 degrees outside and a groundhog was accurate in predicting 6 more weeks 'til Demeter gets her daughter back.

This photo of Gisele in her [2nd] wedding dress is my 2009 refrigerator bikini inspiration, chosen partly for its rate of difficulty=10 for looking svelte and smooth in champagne silk charmeuse (where the rate of difficulty looking good while naked=9).

photo from wwd.com

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