Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brilliant: Why Doesn't the Devil Wear Gucci?

For great fashion advice: "Fashion is utterly subjective and quite frankly if you love it, then wear it, but there is a fine line between self-expression and utter cluelessness" or a good chuckle: "...there is definitely a gaping gulf between what designers think women should wear and what men would prefer women to wear. This is largely because fashion is dominated by gay male designers who don't give a hoot about what straight men will find attractive," I recommend the Telegraph fashion section's dry wit.

This particular feature led me to waste all morning on the Telegraph website instead of posting on this and other blogs.

"Furrowed brows, hoots of laughter and snorts of derision - yes, the bizarre world of London Fashion Week is upon us again and the male of the species is as incredulous as ever. Each day's coverage brings a fresh batch of outlandish, and often unwearable, designs - and with it more questions for women (to attempt) to answer. Clare Coulson provides three baffled Telegraph men with an idiots' guide to fashion." (from, 14/02/2007)
Read the entire Q&A.

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