Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Indie Fashion Week: New York Couture

There were so many mouthwateringly beautiful things to command our A-D-D attention at New York fashion week, but nothing got our adrenaline pumping more than the off-tent indie fashion shows we attended at various venues around the city. One of the most fun and fabulous was New York Couture at the Grand in midtown. Loads of color and tulle are NY Couture staples. Add a heaping spoon of drag queens and a sprinkle of pompoms and ripped fishnets, and you've got yourself a show worthy of Betsey Johnson or Patricia Fields.

I really loved this dress.

Short skirts and animal prints.

Frilly underpants as outerwear. The jacket has trompe l'oeil lace. Fabulous.


Piece de Resistance.

Backstage bows. Designer Cassie Kogler is 2nd from left.

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