Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Unsung Debuts: Gigi Favela Shoes

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when Monica Favela George walked into our showroom with a suitcase full of shoes. I know I take the shoe fettish to new heights but, unlike other questionable impulse buys I have made (the militant beret or the faux fur jacket reminiscent of JLo) my shoe purchases are always without regret. I love my shoes; I have an amazing collection--the kind that makes women at the semi-annual Bergdorf's shoe sales stare at my feet helplessly amid their piles of Loubutins and Chloes. So when Monica showed us the samples from her first collection of Gigi Favelas--a collection packed with color, textures and attitide--we were the first to place personal orders. Now they're here directly from Italy, and my addiction is sated for a bit. Quantities are limited, ladies, so get on our email list for a reminder about the Gigi Favela trunk show at Unsung on March 8.

The first pair of Gigi Favelas I acquired:

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